July 20, 2024

GET Holdings Limited

(Hong Kong GEM Listed Company Stock Code: 8100)

GET Holdings Limited (“GET Holdings”) (Hong Kong GEM Listed Company Stock Code: 8100) was incorporated as an exempted company with limited liability in the Cayman Islands on 30 July 2001 and continued in Bermuda on 9 January 2014 (Bermuda time).

GET Holdings is listed on the GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The principal activity of GET Holdings is investment holding. GET Holdings and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in (i) research, development and distribution of personal computer performance software, anti-virus software, mobile phone applications and toolbar advertisement, (ii) e-commerce involving the operation of a business-to-customer online sales platform and the business-to-business product trading, (iii) investment in securities and (iv) provision of corporate management solutions and I.T. contract services.